"What you have not published, you can destroy. The word once sent forth can never be recalled."- Horace


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So, recently I had a better idea for the resolution of Displacement, which I could work into the fabric of the novel without too much effort, or more importantly having done major rewrites in the past, disruption to the rest of the narrative.

Given I self-publish using Amazon, and therefore retain complete creative control of the text, coupled with the low cost of making the alterations (financially at least, though the hours I'd need to put in could be significant) I was tempted to delve back into the book and put the change in.

Then I thought of something (I think) Philip Pullman said in an interview once about how when you're writing, the work is yours and yours alone, but when you've published, it's no longer yours - it's owned by everyone who has read it.

Then I thought about the instances where Hollywood directors have gone back and basically buggered about with a couple of my favourite films (George Lucas and Ridley Scott, I'm looking at you here!), and immediately shelved the notion of revisiting Displacement.

Basically, it's out there. It's not mine anymore.

But it is a *really* good idea...



It struck me recently that I haven't included an Author Bio in either of the books, so I thought I'd draft some up for when (if) I'm ever feeling strong enough to dive back into CreateSpace and produce 'Second Editions' of them. Anyway, until I do, here they are:

The Stealer of Worlds

Richard spent a whole year of his childhood as an eleven year old boy, going to school, being quite good at Maths and English, and not particularly good at P.E. He also probably spent too much of that year playing computer games. Some of those experiences actually proved useful research, and have made it into The Stealer of Worlds, while others (mostly the playing computer games) didn't. Even more are completely made up.
And he's reasonably sure that everyone else didn't disappear at any time when he was eleven, but he can't be certain...


During the writing of Displacement, Richard did actually work in an Investment Bank, where he learned a lot about high finance and low base rates. While the vast majority of Rebecca's experiences in her particular bank are ficticious, at least one line of dialogue is a direct quote Richard heard during his stint in the City. A trip to India provided two of the more memorable scenes also within the book, one of which now takes place somewhere else completely.
The stuff about teleportation is made up however.



So, finally managed to get the site live after a couple of weeks work on it, in between the full-time job and the rest of ordinary life.

The site is still very much a work in progress, with no doubt a whole bunch of edits/updates to come as I get round to them - a better blogging platform plugged in to it, working out how best to serve the 'signed copies' idea and make it work etc.

Still, for right now, it gets the book pages online, with the requisite "Buy Now" type links :)